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Are you in your photographs? Are you in your photographs?
When was the last time you were in a photograph? Are you pretty good about handing over your camera or phone and being in... Are you in your photographs?


Photo: Jenn Di Spirito Photography

When was the last time you were in a photograph? Are you pretty good about handing over your camera or phone and being in the photograph with your littles? Or is the last time you really remember being in the photographs when you were wearing a big white dress.

From the moment our little ones are born, we begin putting everyone else first. It’s not that we consciously take a step back, rather, we’re doing so much for everyone around us that it just seems to happen. We’re the ones who are making doctors appointments, doing endless loads of laundry and scrambling to find the missing soccer cleat for the game that starts in ten minutes.

Putting everyone else first shows up in our photographs as well. I have some pretty amazing little ones who always seem to be doing something photo-worthy. And, more often than not, I’m the one behind the camera taking those photos instead of being the one in front of it.

I know we all have our reasons why we’re not in the photograph as much as we should be. I’ve been meaning to get to the gym, I look tired today, the list goes on… But think back to photographs of your childhood. Would you ever look at a photograph of your 2 year old self with your mama and wonder why she didn’t do a better job on her hair that day or why she wasn’t wear a better outfit?

Of course not.

You look at that photograph and are grateful for the memory, the moment. You remember the way she cuddled you, the endless crafts she used to do with you, or all those times she pushed you on the swing at the park.

So why is it any different for you?

It’s time we all make a little more effort to be in our photographs. Actively putting yourself in front of the camera is not egotistical or self-centered. It’s an accurate story-telling of the little things you do for your wee ones throughout the day and all the many ways you love them. Even if you don’t really feel like being in the photograph today, 20 years from now your children will thank you; and you too will be glad you did.

Please mamas, get yourself in the photograph. I’m not saying it’s easy, but let’s quiet our inner critics and celebrate the beautiful mamas we are instead.

Jenn Di Spirito

Jenn Di Spirito is a Vancouver family photographer who helps mamas look and feel beautiful in their family photographs. You can download her free guide to learn how you can look great in your family photos, because every mama needs a beautiful portrait with her little ones. Connect with her on Facebook, Google+, and her blog.

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