Midweek Minis- The first of 2013!

02 January, 2013

Well, here we are! It’s the year 2013! YIKES.  The gift giving is done, the mall madness has died down, the holidays are over and there are just a few platters of Christmas cookies left to be eaten.

Now what?  I always get a bit of the post-holidays blues and so I’m kicking this week’s Midweek Minis off with something light.  Happy New Year!

This “Motherhood video” is way too funny!

An article every parent should read: Why You’re Never Failing as a Parent.

Anyone traveling with a toddler in the near future?  Here are some fantastic tips!

LOVE these stories of success!

Useful Pin: Ages when baby teeth come in and fall out.

Fun sticks- 150 things for your kids to do!

Time to put your wreath back into storage, but keep the over-the-door hanger out to help you organize your gift bags all year long!

I could have really used this to get me through highschool chemistry!

How to fold a fitted sheet.

Do you wish your home was SUPER organized?  I DO!  One day, I’m going to be like this queen of organization ;)

Barack Obama’s favourite picture of 2012.

13 Trends in Parenting we can expect for the year 2013.


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  1. Love your post re crafty Christmas card projects! You just saved a huge pile of our cards from the recycling bin :)

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