Midweek Mini: Backyard Car Wash

03 July, 2013

It’s Wednesday. The weekend feels so close yet still so far away. It’s that awkward post-nap, pre-dinner time of day. Your kidlets are revitalised and you should probably get them out of the house, but dinner won’t cook itself, so you’re racking your brain for a fun, (and hopefully outdoor-weather permitting) activity. Enter the “Midweek Mini”! A quick little sumptin’ sumptin’ to keep everyone happy!

This week’s Midweek Mini is: backyard car wash!

One of my favourite activity sites for kids, No Time For Flashcards, had this fun little idea on their site recently.

backyard car wash north shore mama.jpg

Portia loves washing her little toy animals in the sink or in a bin filled with water and bubbles and even in the little kiddie pool we have in our backyard right now, so I knew she would love washing her cars as well.

SO simple! SO much fun for the wee ones! Plus… all the toys get much needed baths! ;)


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I am a mama living on the North Shore of Vancouver. I love to be informed on events, activities and programs that my family and I can partake in and I would love to share what I discover with you.


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