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We got straight-up Pampr’d We got straight-up Pampr’d
Over the weekend, my husband and I got straight-up Pampr’d.  No, it’s not a typo, though the real name of the experience is actually... We got straight-up Pampr’d

Over the weekend, my husband and I got straight-up Pampr’d.  No, it’s not a typo, though the real name of the experience is actually Pampr. 😉

What is Pampr, you may ask? You DEFINITELY want to know the answer.  Pampr is a revolutionary way to book a massage.  A massage appointment where the massage therapist comes to YOU, wherever you may be!  Currently operating in Vancouver, Seattle and LA, Pampr is ‘mobile massage on demand’ and is sheer brilliance.

Pampr mobile massage

Imagine it’s a Tuesday at noon… you’re at work and your neck and shoulders are feeling the strain of sitting at your computer day in and day out.  You really feel like getting a massage (like yesterday) but you know that booking in with a massage therapist typically requires a few days notice.  So, you ignore the strain and pain and probably never get that massage your body so desperately needed. Sigh.

Or, suppose it’s Sunday morning… you have 2 kids’ birthdays to attend, a soccer game to get to, swimming lessons and some homework to help your kidlets with.  It’s going to be a LONG day.

NOW… Imagine on any given day, from your computer or your mobile phone, you can quickly pop online and book a massage for that SAME day.  Within a couple of hours even.  And at the location of your choice!

Don’t have a babysitter to watch your kids while you get the massage you’ve been needing?  No problem, book your massage for during nap time or in the evening when the kids are asleep and you can have your massage from the comfort of your own home. (Like we did last weekend!)

pampr massage prep north shore mama

Getting out on a Saturday night is a feat with 2 young kids. So, we had our Saturday night come to us!

Our massage therapists arrived about 10 minutes before our scheduled appointment and they set up their beds within a few minutes.  They left the room and Brian and I geared down and hopped onto our respective beds.  They even brought their own music to make our sunroom feel more like a spa :)

Some of the things I loved about Pampr:

  1. How EASY it was to book the massage!
  2. The cost you see is the cost you pay (and includes the tip for your therapist).  The payment is done online and you are good to go!
  3. The fact that we didn’t have to leave our home for our massages!
  4. The quality of the services we received!
Booking your massage is as easy as this!

Booking your massage is as easy as this!

Pampr mobile massage service

Our 2 year old woke up right as our massages were about to start, and our therapists waited patiently while my husband got Madeleine back to sleep.  They even added the lost time at the end so that we didn’t miss out on our full hour.  The flexibility was so greatly appreciated! The massages were excellent and we both really needed a moment of relaxation after the week we had just had.  All in all, it was such a positive experience and I cannot WAIT for you to use Pampr as well!

This is where this all gets super exciting!

Charlie Ritchie, the ingeniousness behind Pampr, is very graciously offering all North Shore Mama readers $25 off your first booking!  When you’re booking your appointment, use the promo code NSM25 to receive an instant $25 discount.  That means your massage (in your home!) could cost as little as $94 INCLUDING tip!  Win-Win-Win!   Take care of that precious body of yours and treat yourself at the same time! 

More about Pampr

At Pampr we connect skilled professional massage therapists, body workers, and spa therapists with customers who want the convenience and comfort of being treated in their own home, right away.

We strive to create positive experiences through convenience and comfort.  You can expect timely, professional, courteous service from your massage therapist.

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