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Family Travel: Kid-friendly adventures in Zihuatanejo, Mexico Family Travel: Kid-friendly adventures in Zihuatanejo, Mexico
We just got home from two lovely weeks in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. I feel warmer, more relaxed and a little less pale than a couple... Family Travel: Kid-friendly adventures in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

We just got home from two lovely weeks in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. I feel warmer, more relaxed and a little less pale than a couple of weeks ago.  Vacations really do work wonders for the mind, body and soul!

I feel very lucky to have been visiting Zihua for over 10 years now, almost every year.  I first started going in my early 20’s with my parents and have since been with a group of girlfriends. Now my husband and I vacation there with my parents and our own kids.  It’s such a versatile holiday spot and we truly love it there!

During this last trip, I decided it would be fun to put together a recap post of our trip, while also providing a list of our favourite kid-friendly restaurants and activities.  I always appreciate recommendations when I’m traveling, so here are some of mine if you ever find yourself in the little piece of paradise we call Zi!

Zihua family travel playa la ropa

We stay at Club Intrawest on Playa La Ropa when we go to Zihua. Playa La Ropa is the beach and bay in the picture above.  There are many great hotels to stay at on La Ropa and on the beaches on either side of this bay as well, but we always stay at Club Intrawest!

The 'adult pool' at Club Intrawest

The ‘adult pool’ at Club Intrawest


Portia and I doing yoga on a terrace overlooking the ocean.

Portia and I doing yoga on a terrace overlooking the ocean.

Live music on the beach at Club Intrawest on Tuesday nights.

Live music on the beach at Club Intrawest on Tuesday nights.


We started getting to the pool early in the mornings because we noticed that Madeleine absolutely loved having the pool to herself.  She would float on her back and jump off the stairs and really just do her own thing.  I think she felt more comfortable without all the other kids splashing around and it was so cool to watch how confident she was in there all on her own!

Zihua family travel Mads pool time


My parents have started a little tradition of walking down La Ropa beach to another hotel called Viceroy where they get Portia a fresh coconut at the beach bar.

Zihua family travel coconuts


We always make a stop (or three) at Jungle Pizza when we’re in Zihua.  They make delicious thin crust pizzas with pretty much whatever you like on it.  Amidst the seafood and tacos, sometimes it’s nice to have something a little different (or familiar, depending on how you look at it I guess 😉 ).

Zihua family travel Jungle Pizza

Jungle Pizza is literally in a jungle which adds some excitement to the dining experience!

Zihua family travel Jungle Pizza restaurant

The girls love watching the pizzas being made.

The girls love watching the pizzas being made.


Another great restaurant we discovered this time around is called La Terracita.  We walked from Club Intrawest (about a 20 minute walk) through really nice backroads and enjoyed some very unique meals.  One thing to note here was that service was a little slow.  Be prepared to settle in for the night 😉

Zihua family travel la teracita

Madeleine vs. the giant bowl.


If you love tortilla soup as much as my husband and I do, don’t miss grabbing dinner at Sabores y Colores while in Zihua!  The traditional Mexican soup was so so good and everyone else’s meals were excellent as well!  I have to mention that there is very little breeze at Sabores y Colores and to wear some of your cooler clothing to make the evening more comfortable.

Tortilla soup waiting to be prepared at our table.

Tortilla soup waiting to be prepared at our table.

If you have a hankering for delicious homemade ravioli or gnocchi… You have to check out La Vita e’ Bella.  It’s right in town and the fresh pasta is to die for! We suggested it to some friends who were also from Vancouver and they ended up going twice during their stay.

zihua la vita e bella

Bandido’s is one of our favourites in Zihua.  They make your salsa fresh at your table and they have very authentic and great quality food.  They usually have live music in the evenings starting at around 7/7:30pm and salsa dancing later in the evenings on weekends.

Zihua family travel Banditos

Try the Molcajete bowls. Delish!


Last, but not least… the Zihua Pancake House for breakfast with your wee ones.  Their speciality?  Teddy bear pancakes and freshly pressed juices! (Edit: Sadly, this restaurant has closed its doors!)

Zihua family travel Zihua Pancake House
Zihua family travel zihua pancake house teddy bear pancake
Some other family-friendly restaurants with great food are:
Los Braseros
Tamales y Atoles Any
Tentaciones (fine dining!)
La Casa Que Canta (fine dining!)
Kau Kan (fine dining!)

We did a lot of eating, as you can see.  Our family takes food very seriously!  When we’re not trying out new restaurants and visiting old favourites, we’re doing a lot of this….

Zihua family travel waves with Gigi

Zihua family travel toes in sand

Zihua family travel life's a beach

Zihua family travel sunset

Zihua family travel kiddie pool club intrawest


A couple of fun outings that I would recommend are taking a boat over to Las Gatas from Playa La Ropa.  There are many little restaurants on the beach where you can grab some food and cold drinks and plant yourself for the day.  We always go over for an afternoon, order fresh lobster for lunch and wade in the calm waters.

Zihua family travel Las Gatas beach

Another fun little adventure is taking a cab to Ixtapa (about 2o minutes from Zihua) and checking out the iguanas and crocodiles at Playa Linda.  If you want a real thrill, check out the Playa Linda crocodiles at 4pm when they FEED them.  We missed that, but I can only imagine how that would go down! 😛

Zihua family travel Playa Linda
We had such a great trip and I can’t say enough about how amazing Zihuatanejo is as a family holiday destination.  I hope you’ll have the chance to go someday, if you haven’t already been :)
Do you have favourite Zihua spots that we should check out next time? I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments below! 

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  • Susan Gibbons

    March 20, 2015 #1 Author

    We just got back from our first trip to that area – we stayed at Club Med Ixtapa – oh what fun for everyone! We took a cab into Z too and walked down to see the crocs – very cool. And we took a boat over to Ixtapa island to snorkel (and eat of course). We are now converts on that area!!!! Can’t wait to go back!!!


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