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Why I Love Where I Live
Recently, I was asked to share what ‘a day in the life of’, well, ‘ME’ looks like. A day in the life of a 30-something-woman (and mother of 2) living on the North Shore.  It was an opportunity I jumped at, because I thought it would be a lot... Read more
A guide to preventing the ‘summer slide’ & giveaways!
Slides are fun, why would parents prevent them?  Not THOSE kinds of slides, you guys! Cheeky monkeys! THE Summer Slide is a term used to describe what happens to kids when school is out for two months over the summer months.  Statistically, reading levels go down because children aren’t... Read more
Sippy cups that don’t leak in my purse are gold to me
I can’t think of many things worse that throwing ‘leak-free’ cups into my purse, assuming they actually won’t leak, and then finding a little puddle at the bottom of my bag when I go to pull cups out.  UGH! The worst! When I find cups that DON’T leak, that... Read more
4 things I’ve learned about diapering
Before having our own two girls, I think I maybe changed 2 diapers in my entire life.  The 2 diaper changes that are ingrained in my mind involved poo on the carpet and pee on my shirt.  Changing diapers has never been a particularly enjoyable thing for me, yet... Read more
We got straight-up Pampr’d
Over the weekend, my husband and I got straight-up Pampr’d.  No, it’s not a typo, though the real name of the experience is actually Pampr. 😉 What is Pampr, you may ask? You DEFINITELY want to know the answer.  Pampr is a revolutionary way to book a massage.  A... Read more
Escape Adventures Bike Camps for Kids (+ GIVEAWAY!)
Escape Adventures specializes in providing children with the opportunity to explore the world in which they live. Escape offers week long spring break and summer camps, after school and weekend camps as well as birthday parties, private lessons and bike to schools weeks. Escape Adventures is a team dedicated to bringing the... Read more
Have you gotten back into the fall schedule?
This article is brought to you compliments of Sage Small Business. As any mompreneur knows, it can sometimes feel like there are a bunch of different factors pulling you in opposite directions at once. Take the morning, for example – you might be prepping for a big presentation at work, but... Read more
Sleep and Screen Time: How to best prepare your child for sleep
Sometimes the TV/iPad/iPhone are lifesavers! We’ve all had that moment in the day where we just need to get something done and keeping the kids busy with a TV show always seems to work.  However, if you find your child is having trouble falling asleep at bedtime, it’s possible... Read more
The Benefits of Setting Limits
It’s been two weeks since Spring Break and in our house, some of the limits and boundaries that lapsed (as they tend to) during the holidays are still lapsed! I notice it, my children notice it and my sanity, or perhaps lack thereof, certainly notices it. Bedtime springs to... Read more
Toi & Moi Soiree -January 25th- hosted by Dynamic Women in Action
Lately, I’ve been hearing more and more about Diane Rolsten and the Dynamic Women In Action.  I’ve recently connected with Diane online and am very excited to be attending a posh event she is hosting this weekend in North Vancouver (so that I can finally meet her AND other... Read more