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Toddler-Approved Recipe Roundup
The other day, I received a comment from a reader saying it would be nice to see more recipes on North Shore Mama geared toward toddlers. So, I thought it would be fun to reach out to my fellow blogging mommies and do a recipe roundup of all of... Read more
Dinner Tonight: Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa
This has become a staple in our household.  I usually make it once a week now, as it is packed with nutritional goodness and our 3 year old LOVES it.  Not to mention, it takes less than 30 minutes to make, which is something I strive for when it... Read more
Dehydrator: The healthy snack appliance for your family
I love my kitchen appliances, but my favourite by far is my food dehydrator. It is so useful for making whole, raw, live snacks and foods. When I say live, I mean that the food’s natural enzymes are still intact. When a food is cooked at temperatures over 150... Read more