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Dinner tonight: Diwali Fest inspired spicy butter chicken
My husband and I love to eat culturally diverse foods.  We indulge often in Japanese, but I think our favourite when it comes to eating out is probably Indian.  The range in flavours is incredible, and no matter what we’re eating… the spicier the better!  Indian dishes fit the... Read more
“You had me at 1 pot” Tomato Basil Pasta recipe
To be perfectly honest, I’ve been scrambling lately.  ‘Everything’ seems to be on the back burner except for warm healthy meals for my family.  I had a few weeks where I was out at events/dinners 2-3 nights every week and I feel like I’ve fallen behind on all things... Read more
Tofu … who knew?!

Tofu … who knew?!

Recipes June 19, 2013 0

We are MEAT eaters in our household.  Our toddler, Portia, is happiest with a chicken drummette in hand to gnaw on and I am pretty sure my husband doesn’t consider a meal a true meal without some form of meat on his plate. I was recently contacted by House... Read more
Valentine’s Brownies with Buttercream Frosting & Heart Sprinkles
I am not a big baker.  I love to eat baked treats, but I prefer if someone else makes them for me :). I like to cook and try new recipes, but it feels like there is more ‘flexibility’ when it comes to cooking.  When I decide to bake... Read more
3 dinners-in-bags & a meal plan for the next 5 days
Lately, I have found that there has been more conversation than usual amongst friends and on the www about meal planning, crock pot recipes, and healthy eating! Personally, I have been starting to think of what life with 2 kidlets will be like, seeing as we are now just... Read more
Toddler (and husband) approved Enchiladas
Last night I made Enchiladas for the first time ever.  They were delicious and took just over 30 minutes to prepare! Try them out this weekend and I guarantee they’ll be a family favourite! The ‘filling’ for the tortillas. Ingredients: ~8 whole wheat tortillas ~ 3 COOKED chicken breasts... Read more
Super easy homemade pizzas
I love pizza, but I’m lately I’m finding that delivery and take-out are getting more and more expensive.  Is it just me?  There is also nothing quite like homemade pizzas where you get to put all of your favourite toppings on (without the risk of being told “ok, but... Read more
Dinner Inspiration: Cheesy Spinach Bowtie Pasta
These days, my world revolves around easy weeknight dinner ideas.  Finding that balance between working full-time and being a mama is not coming as easily to me as I hoped it might when I returned to work in September.  I find myself scrambling on the best of days, no... Read more
Dinner Tonight: Salmon Tacos with Honey-Lime Slaw & Creamy Hot Sauce
I made a really yummy dinner tonight that I thought I would share, because it was also super easy and I would go so far as to call it a “quick weekday meal”.  Our 2 year old loved it as well, so I might even call it a “toddler... Read more
Homemade (and whole wheat) Fig Newtons
Growing up, we were rarely allowed ‘treats’.  I’m pretty sure I did not know about all those delicious sugary cereals until I was in grade 1 and went for a sleepover at a friend’s house.  Perhaps needless to say, I ate 4 bowls of lucky charms the first time... Read more