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One Pan Roast Chicken Thighs with Fennel and Concord Grapes
Guest post: Krista Ettles, Real Food, Real Simple I don’t know about you, but I’m all about keeping it simple these days. I’m sure like me now that summer’s over you’ve jumped back into a full on routine which means the schedule is packed full. With that, I’m always... Read more
Recipe: Cold Noodle Salad
Guest post: Krista Ettles, Real Food, Real Simple. It’s summertime and living is easy. I don’t know about you but when summer hits, I’m much more interested in soaking up the heat from the sunshine rather than at the stove. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking and do... Read more
Recipe: Nutritious Homemade Fruit Roll Ups
Spring Break is upon us… which seems almost impossible, but it’s TRUE! If you are anything like me, you have already enrolled your kids in some fun camps and you’re looking for ways to engage them for the two weeks they are out of school. Cooking and baking is... Read more
Crispy Baked Parmesan Chicken Tenders
Guest post from Gayle McLeod, The Soup Solution As sure as the sun will rise, my little guy will order “chicken strips & fries” every time we find ourselves in a restaurant, without even glancing at the menu. Unofficially deemed a chicken strip connoisseur at the worldly age of... Read more
Last Minute Easter Recipe: Double Baked Blue Cheese Soufflé
Happy Easter everyone! If you are having guests over tonight and need an incredible recipe to wow them with, Chef Trevor Bird of Fable Kitchen and Egg Farmers of Canada have got you covered! Double Baked Blue Cheese Soufflé By: Chef Trevor Bird Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 25 minutes... Read more
Spinach & Parmesan Scrambled Eggs #WakeUpToYellow (+ HUGE GIVEAWAY!)
I have gotten into a really bad habit of skipping breakfast many mornings. I used to wake up and eat something (usually eggs and toast) within the first 20 minutes of opening my eyes, but since Portia started Kindergarten in September, our mornings are a little busier and are... Read more
5 Step Macaroni & Cheese

5 Step Macaroni & Cheese

Recipes December 13, 2015 14

I am 100% guilty of ‘cooking up’ a quick box of Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese for the girls at least once a week.  I always add some veggies to the mix, but still… it’s a processed dinner and I feel guilty sometimes.  I also try and not be too... Read more
The “Healthier” Peanut Butter Chocolate + Banana Smoothie
Smoothies are a huge deal at our house.  Our entire family is ga-ga over frozen blended drinks. Not just in the summer either.  All. Year.  Round!  They are a great way to sneak all sorts of veggies and fruits (and chia and flax, etc.) into any diet, especially the... Read more
Peppermint Patty Raw Chocolate Fudge
I just read Jessica’s recipe blog from May 2015 and the first words were “I am not a baker. At all.” And as a brand new guest blogger for North Shore Mama, the recipe I have to offer is a dessert recipe! But rest assured, Jess, this one does... Read more
Easy chocolate chip banana muffins
I am not a baker. At all.  I LOVE baked goods, but don’t know how to make them, which is maybe a good thing now that I think about it! 😛 Sometimes, however, I really really feel like a fresh baked treat with my afternoon tea or coffee and... Read more