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Camping ‘in’ with Discovery Toys (GIVEAWAY!)
I’ve had the great pleasure of reconnecting with Leah Avery of Discovery Toys to bring another fun giveaway your way! Portia and I played with some Discovery Toys products about a year ago and fell in love with the brand.  Everything they have to offer is both fun and... Read more
Our first Jamberry Nails experience (+ Jamberry GIVEAWAY!)
I kept hearing about Jamberry and, on many occasions, I have noticed women with really interesting nail designs.  Nine times out of ten, when I asked where they got their cool nails done, the answer was “these are Jamberry nails”.  (One time out of ten, the answer would be... Read more
Peppermint Patty Raw Chocolate Fudge
I just read Jessica’s recipe blog from May 2015 and the first words were “I am not a baker. At all.” And as a brand new guest blogger for North Shore Mama, the recipe I have to offer is a dessert recipe! But rest assured, Jess, this one does... Read more
BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini: A Parent’s Life-Saver (+ GIVEAWAY!)
There are a few baby items that I couldn’t have lived without when our girls were newborns and one of them was a bouncy chair.  I used to put the girls in our bouncy chair so that I could sneak in a shower or make myself some much-needed lunch.... Read more
Bug Repellent for Campers and ‘Non-Campers’ Alike
It’s camping season! We still have a good 6 weeks to 2 months of fantastic weather coming our way and families will continue to load up the trunks of their cars, pile children into the backseats and make their way into the great outdoors. We kind of have our... Read more
Sensitive Skin Summer Care for kids
Summer is my all time favourite season of the year, and I am sure I am not alone on this one.  I like to bask in the rays, play in the water and I tend to be most active in the sunny months.  As a result, my kids are... Read more
2015 Canuck Place Adventure Race
Supporting a charity has never been more fun! Join the Canuck Place Adventure Race to kayak, bike, and run, all in support of Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. The Canuck Place Adventure Race is the ultimate celebration of outdoor athleticism. The multi-sport event takes places in and around Jericho beach,... Read more
Arbonne all natural skin care (+ giveaway)
If you know me personally, you’ve likely heard me talking about how much I love Arbonne products.  We were first introduced to Arbonne when we started using the baby sunscreen during our trip to Mexico in March.  I was amazed at how effective the product was and the overall... Read more
Some toys are as educational as they are fun!
Some toys provide endless entertainment.  They’re just so much fun, no matter how many times you play with them.  When toys are that exciting and also educational, is when you’ve hit the toy jackpot! My childhood is full of Hot Wheels memories.  My brother and I loved playing with... Read more
Glitzi Globe review + giveaway!
A couple of weeks ago, I did a massive purge of our playroom.  We gave away 1 huge black garbage bag worth of toys and threw away another half bag worth of ‘stuff’.  I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of ‘things’ we have accumulated over the years and... Read more