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Won’t you be my neighbour?

Won’t you be my neighbour?

News September 28, 2016 0

Welcome to the “Neighbourhood”.  It’s a magical place that provides you with answers and solutions to questions and concerns you thought you may never get through alone.  It’s a safe space where you are encouraged to ask anything.  It’s a place where teamwork is in full force and support... Read more
The BEST new show for kids on Netflix!
Summer is half over.  What the?  I hope you’ve all been enjoying the long summer days.  We have been having a great summer, but ‘long’ is totally how I would describe some of our days.  With little ones, life is all about playing, playing, playing and when it’s time... Read more
Celebrating Finding Dory with Goldfish® and Disney® #GoldfishSmiles
I’m just going to go ahead and say it… my kids are obsessed with ‘fishy crackers’.  Proper terminology: Goldfish® crackers.  We don’t go anywhere without these crackers on-hand and they are a staple in the girls’ lunch boxes.  They are such a fun and easy snack! And with the release... Read more
BBQ Inspiration from PC® Insiders Collection
I recently had the great opportunity of attending a really fun summer kickoff event hosted by President’s Choice.  The “Gear up to Summer” evening was a party thrown by Citizen Relations and if you’re ever attended one of their events (or you’ve seen them on social media), you’ll know that... Read more
Let SPUD deliver your basics straight to your door
One thing I have learned since becoming a parent is that every minute of the day is precious.  As a work-at-home mama, my schedule is mapped out and I have to make the most of every single moment if I’m going to get everything done and still have time... Read more
I FINALLY discovered how to UNBLEMISH my bad skin!
I have struggled with acne since my teens! I have tried EVERYTHING including accutane which totally wreaked havoc on my whole body, inside and out.  All I have ever wanted was nice, UNBLEMISH’d skin.  It has always felt like such a huge ask, because nothing I have used has seemed... Read more
A guide to preventing the ‘summer slide’ & giveaways!
Slides are fun, why would parents prevent them?  Not THOSE kinds of slides, you guys! Cheeky monkeys! THE Summer Slide is a term used to describe what happens to kids when school is out for two months over the summer months.  Statistically, reading levels go down because children aren’t... Read more
The Art House Supper Club in North Vancouver
The other night, I had such a great experience at an underground restaurant on the North Shore.  The Art House supper club is new on the foodie scene and it is exactly what the foodie scene needed! The Art House is in a secret location in North Vancouver (that... Read more
OITNB is BACK!!!! #StreamTeam
Between 2 jobs, 2 kids and all the demands of life in general, I don’t get a ton of time to watch my favourite shows.  I kind of have my go-to series on Netflix, but even those I only usually watch about 1 episode per week.  Sad, right?! When... Read more
Mt. Seymour Summer Eco-Adventure Camps for Kids
School is only in session for a few more weeks! The countdown has begun, mostly for the teachers 😛 . Parents everywhere are starting the hunt for fun, educational and engaging summer camps for their wee ones.  While summer camps aren’t quite as hard to get into as the... Read more