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A North Van Mama Who Needs Your HELP!
Last night, as I was cuddled up all warm and cozy with my husband on our couch, I came across an article about a North Vancouver mom, Erika Harris who is in DESPERATE need of a Bone Marrow Transplant. Erika and her husband have 2 young children aged 2... Read more
Kerrisdale Play Palace
School’s out for the SUMMER!  That means that even the programs for wee ones, such as StrongStart and some regular play gyms etc. are also no longer available to us. I am always searching for things to do with Portia, especially in that morning chunk of time between wake-up... Read more
H.E.R.O.S ~ Using hockey to empower at-risk children
“Empowering children on ice.” No, that is not a typo! The name is H.E.R.O.S.  Periods, capitals, and missing an ‘e’, but that is the only thing this organization is missing.  Everything else you could ever hope for in a non-profit is there, and has been for 12 years now.... Read more
  I just found out through one of my favourite blogs,, that Raffi will be coming to The Centre  in Vancouver for Performing Arts on October 21, 2012! If your kidlet(s) love Raffi as much as mine does, you won’t want to miss this great event! Tickets are on sale... Read more
July Family Events & Activities on the North Shore
School’s out for the summer and July is just around the corner! There are so many great events going on on the North Shore (and neighbouring areas!). Get out there with your family and enjoy some of what our great communities have to offer and let’s hope for some... Read more
Sensory Bins
I have to admit that I only just discovered the world of sensory bins a few weeks ago when I was aimlessly perusing Pinterest. Since then, “sensory bins” seem to be everywhere: in everyday conversation with friends, on my favourite mommy blogs, and now in both our own living... Read more
Storyoga coming to North Van in July!
Have you ever heard of Storyoga?  I have not! I am  so intrigued and really want to check this out! Happy Downward Dogging! North Shore Mama Read more
Best of the North Shore!
This is your chance to weigh in on the best of what the North Shore has to offer!! If you are able to answer all the questions, you will be entered to win an iPad (not bad!). Otherwise, you are casting your vote for your favourite places and services... Read more
June ~ Family Events on the North Shore & Nearby
There is so much going on this month on the North Shore for families! I am excited to check out all the great events going on here (and nearby) with Portia and hubby.  I hope you and your family also have a chance to get out, explore, and experience... Read more
I’m on the Top 30 list of Mom Bloggers in Vancouver!
Good morning friends of North Shore Mama! I need your help today!  My blog (this blog) has earned me a nomination as one of Vancouver’s Top 30 Mom Bloggers! I am still really shocked and so excited that I am being considered amongst all the fantastic mamas on this... Read more