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Dealing with Daylight Savings- Get ready to SPRING forward
On Sunday, it will be time to “spring forward”.  This is great news for parents of early risers, but that extra sleep will only last a few days if you don’t allow your child to fully adjust to the new time. In order for your child  to stay on... Read more
Toddlers and Bedtime Games
“Can I just have a snack? I’m really hungry… I have to pee…There’s a monster under my bed…”. Does this bedtime scenario sound familiar to you? When it comes to saying “goodnight”, do the excuses begin? This is very common with toddlers. It’s their job to test boundaries and they... Read more
Nightmares and Night Terrors
One tough part of parenting is seeing your child afraid. Most of us have had a night where we are woken up by our child who is upset and afraid after a nightmare.  They may be crying and inconsolable, which is difficult to see.  When a child has a... Read more
How to create a great bedtime routine
Anyone who has read my work knows I talk A LOT about the importance of bedtime routines! A bedtime routine is so important because it’s one of the most powerful ways you can let your baby or child know what is coming next…sleep.  If you put your baby in... Read more
Fall Back: Handling Daylight Savings with your Kids
On Sunday November 3rd, we will be setting our clocks back one hour. “Falling back” is great because we get that extra hour of sleep. Unfortunately, it’s not quite so easy with little ones! Over the last few days, I’ve had several clients contacting me asking me the best... Read more
Providing your little one with a great sleep environment
Healthy sleep habits for your baby or child are extremely important for their overall health and well being. The path to developing healthy sleep skills can begin at any time, but the earlier the better. Even a newborn needs a good sleep environment in order to have a good,... Read more
Handling night-time wake-ups with sick children
Handling Night-time Wake Ups with Sick Children The arrival of Fall and return to school is often a time when kids get sick.  A little cough here and a runny nose there can put fear into the hearts of many parents, especially when our children WERE sleeping through the... Read more
Saying goodbye to naps by Leslie Black (A Kiss Goodnight)
Saying Goodbye to Naps  The thought of the end of naptime is terrifying for many parents. No more peaceful house for 2 or 3 hours every afternoon. No more time alone to get things done. No more…naps. Although it seems scary, it’s not as bad as you think. The... Read more
Knowing your Child’s “Sleep Window” by Leslie Black (A Kiss Goodnight)
Knowing your Child’s “Sleep Window” Often when I ask parents about their child’s sleep window, they have no idea what I’m talking about! Without knowing your child’s sleep window, it can be a real challenge to get them to sleep.  A sleep window is the time that your child... Read more
Getting your Kids Back-To-School Ready by Leslie Black (A Kiss Goodnight)
Getting Your Kids Back-to-School Ready  I know it seems early to be bringing up this topic (and maybe a little depressing), but the summer is coming to an end and your children need to be ready to go back to school. Even if your little ones aren’t school-aged, this... Read more