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Parenting with Success- Top Tips!
In my previous blog post I discussed the importance of determining your parenting style and trying whenever possible to be consistent to it. Just like children, parents grow and change and our styles change. We need to remain compassionate for ourselves and our children as we trip and fall... Read more
Parenting Classes- What they are and how they can help you!
I believe that effective parenting is the greatest gift you can give your child and yourself. Now more than ever before, positive parenting is critical, and developing a strong relationship with your child is key to helping him/her succeed. There are many parenting platforms out there now, both on... Read more
Encouragement & Praise – What’s The Difference?
In an earlier blog, I discussed “Encouraging your Child”. In this blog, I will look at highlighting the differences between encouragement and praise and the effects of each on your child. We live in such a “praizy” (praise and crazy) society it is important that we recognize the ill... Read more
Managing the challenges of parenting in a digital world
How long should they be allowed to play? When should they play? Where should they play? How do I control what they are doing? These are all questions we get asked by parents regularly. There is no “black and white” answer because we all have different values and opinions... Read more