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What you should know about oral cancer!
Have you had an oral cancer exam? Most of us are aware that the following signs could be cancer: a skin lesion with irregular borders, a lump in our breast, blood in our urine. However, few know that if we have a non-tender lump in our neck, a persistent... Read more
Dr. Skinner’s favourite dental products for Mamas! (& WIN)
Choosing the right dental products can be overwhelming. I have some favourites, and I thought I’d share them with you. Favourite floss Honestly, ANY floss is my favourite! So many of my patients have difficulty making flossing a daily habit. So, if you have a floss that you like,... Read more
5 Tips to Having a Positive First Dental Visit for your Child
Our goal for your child’s first dental visit is ensuring a healthy mouth, while making it a fun time. We want your child to be happy and excited to come back to the dentist! Here are a few tips to making this happen! 1. Educate Your Child Use your... Read more
Physiotherapy for KIDS – how is it different than for adults?
By Andrea Mendoza, Pediatric Physiotherapist at Kids Physio Group Previously published on OrthoCanada Blog, July 2014 Physiotherapy is a never-ending puzzle. That’s the challenge of this profession – we are constantly being driven to expand our knowledge of anatomy and musculoskeletal function, amp up our assessment and treatment techniques,... Read more
Infant Oral Care: When and how to get started
Baby oral care should start as early as possible. Babies love routine… so why not take advantage. Choose a time of the day that suits you best, whether its first thing in the morning, or during baby’s bath time. I personally have found right before bath time to be... Read more
Creating Your Own Natural First Aid Kit
As a naturopathic doctor, I turn to natural products first to help treat minor aliments like scrapes, bruises, and cold/flu. There are a number of great natural products that can be found at your local health food store or even your kitchen. Here are my six favourite natural products... Read more
7 ways to keep your child sunburn free & healthy this summer
Summer is finally here, which means beaches, outdoor activities, and an increased risk of sunburns. There is a lot of controversy about the safety of sunscreen, especially after Gisele Bundchen (the supermodel) referred to sunscreen as poison and Lululemon’s bags have the statement “sunscreen absorbed into the skin might... Read more
Everything You Need To Know About Overnight Potty Training
Will overnight pull-ups confuse your child while potty training? Will moving straight to underwear at night ruin your child’s good sleep? Can you face all the laundry?! These are important questions to ask when deciding how you want to handle your child’s potty training and sleep.  Some books recommend... Read more
Handling Sleep Regressions
Sleep regressions are a dreaded fear for many parents!  It can be very frustrating to have your child suddenly waking in the night or fighting naps, especially if you have put a lot of work into teaching healthy sleep habits.  The most common reason for regressions are developmental and... Read more
Acne during pregnancy
Pregnancy is full of wonderful surprises, but acne is not one of them. The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy are normal and healthy, but can also cause an increase in sebum (oil) leading to acne on the face and other body parts. Bacteria on the skin, called Propionibacterium... Read more