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Oral health: A window to your overall health
Did you know that your oral health is linked to your overall wellness? Oral health is not only important to your appearance and sense of well-being, but also to your overall health. In some cases, oral problems can be a symptom of other diseases. Here are several ways that... Read more
Must-have beauty products for busy moms
Want to know the best beauty products for us busy moms? As a mother of two boys, there are a few things I have ‘less of’ now that I have welcomed these little bundles of joy into the world. Less time, less money and less of a youthful, natural looking glow. Don’t worry! I’ve found the most versatile products on... Read more
Confessions of a sleep consultant
My boys are great sleepers.  Of course they are, it’s what I do for a living!  I love sleep and find that I really need a full night’s sleep to be productive, so I’ve always been really consistent with their sleep. Ok…that’s not completely true.  Like everyone, there are... Read more
Introducing a Lovey to your baby
When I start working with a family, one of the first things I do is recommend giving the child a “lovey”.  A lovey is any item that your child can use during the night and naps to find comfort and soothe themself back to sleep.  They can help for... Read more
Stop the Sleep Wars!
Sleep is such a hot topic that can cause some pretty heated debates.  Whether you bed-share, room-share, sleep train or anything else there always seems to be a reason that what you are doing is wrong.  I must say, I am getting very tired of these debates!  I want... Read more
5 Dental Tips to a Beautiful Smile
Ever wonder how to keep your teeth healthy and white? Protect the Enamel to keep them beautiful. Enamel is the white part of the tooth and is very strong. If the enamel is damaged, it can never come back. So here are some tips to maintain beautiful teeth. 1.... Read more
4 ways to make brushing teeth fun for your kids!
Getting kids to brush their teeth can be a challenge! Here are some tricks to have up your sleeve to make brushing fun. Tasty Toothpaste Choosing the right toothpaste flavour is important for kids. Some find certain flavours too strong, and some don’t like the taste of mint. Try... Read more
Daylight Savings is coming up: Here’s how to help your children adjust!
On Sunday November 1st, the clocks will go back one hour. The idea of “falling back” is scary for many parents.  Those with little ones who already wake up early will now be up even earlier! Many parents fear they will be starting their day at 4:00 am.  That... Read more
The benefits of Xylitol
Xylitol is a natural, non-fermentable sweetener that helps restore a proper pH balance in the mouth. Xylitol is not a sugar, but a sugar alcohol. And the bacteria in the mouth cannot use this sugar to produce decay. It’s a dentist’s dream, as it protects the teeth, and prevents... Read more
The Best and Worst Halloween candy for your teeth
Halloween’s candy haul is pretty much a dentistry fright fest. But are some sweets worse than others when it comes to our teeth? The answer is Yes!  The WORST candies The WORST candies for our teeth are those that stick around for a long time. Sticky candies, like toffees and... Read more