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Summer Travel Tips from A Kiss Goodnight
Summer Travel Tips Summer has arrived which means you probably have some vacation plans.  If you have a child that’s a great sleeper, you may be concerned about how travel and sleeping in a new environment will affect your little one.  If your child is not a great sleeper,... Read more
Basics for Babies Fundraiser Event hosted by Fit For Life
  Basics for Babies Fundraiser On Sunday, July 7th, Fit For Life Personal Training is hosting a fundraiser for “Basics for Babies”.  Everyone is asked to bring a donation of $10 for the charity. Every penny will go to help support families and babies who depend on the Greater... Read more
Toddler transitions: Moving to a ‘big bed’
We are lucky to have Leslie Black back (A Kiss Goodnight) with a great article this week about moving your little one from a crib to a ‘big bed’.  This is a big transition and can be daunting for many parents.  Read on to hear Leslie’s take on this... Read more
Planning the perfect baby shower: Fleur de Lis Events
Nargess (Fleur de Lis Events) is back with some more event planning tips.  This time around, Nargess has some great advice for when it comes to planning a baby shower. Make sure you also read to the end of the post to see how you can enter a quick... Read more
A Kiss Goodnight: Soothers and Sleep
This week, our sleep expert, Leslie Black, weighs in on the big ‘soother debate’.  I loved reading this post and I am sure you will find it to be very useful information as well! Short and sweet… here’s Leslie! ******* Soothers and Sleep Many parents ask me whether or... Read more
A Kiss Goodnight: What IS sleep training?
I am so happy to welcome Leslie Black (A Kiss Goodnight) back this week for our Expert Series.  This post is a good one for anyone out there who is looking for some clarification when the topic of “Sleep Training” comes up.  Just a few days ago, I was... Read more
Expert Series: Fit for Life- 2 workouts to add to your routine (& a giveaway)
Colin Stephenson (Fit For Life Personal Training) is back with some more goodies for everyone looking to shake up their routine and maximize their workouts. Read on to get the inside scoop on some customized workout secrets to help you feel great. Welcome back, Colin! ******* Here are 2... Read more
Expert Series: Fleur de Lis Top 10 Kids Birthday Party Trends
We have a new member of our North Shore Mama Expert team. I am pleased to introduce Nargess of Fleur de Lis Event Planning!  I have attended a few events planned by Nargess and they are always perfect to the very last detail.  For her first North Shore Mama... Read more
Expert Series: A Kiss Goodnight Q’s and A’s
I am so happy to welcome back Leslie Black of A Kiss Goodnight.  Leslie posted a couple of weeks ago on North Shore Mama and gave us her expert opinion on getting your baby to fall asleep.  If you missed the post, you can read it here! In her... Read more
Expert Series: Fit For Life Personal Training
It is my pleasure to be hosting our newest North Shore Mama Expert, Colin Stephenson of Fit For Life Personal Training.  Colin is running some great Mommy & Me classes, as well as personal training, cross training and other classes for all us mamas who are looking for a... Read more