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How to get your kids to floss? by Dr. Melissa Skinner
How to get your kids to floss? I wish there were some magical tips I could provide to parents on flossing.  It’s an extremely difficult habit to form for all parents. The earlier you start forming the habit, the easier it will be to integrate into the daily oral... Read more
Fall Training by Colin Stephenson (Fit For Life)
Fall Training Many people seem to think that Summer is the time to get fit, when in fact  next summer’s body starts now! Even if you already feel like you’re in great shape, a month or two of exercise is going to have a  positive impact on your body. ... Read more
PMS: There’s hope yet! by Debbie Williams (Alternative Hormone Solutions)
PMS by Debbie Williams How many of you ladies have ever experienced PMS? Some get twinges of weepiness a day or two prior to the onset of the period, and others feel like the character Linda Blair played in the Exorcist.  Your head spins around and you spew pea... Read more
Getting your Kids Back-To-School Ready by Leslie Black (A Kiss Goodnight)
Getting Your Kids Back-to-School Ready  I know it seems early to be bringing up this topic (and maybe a little depressing), but the summer is coming to an end and your children need to be ready to go back to school. Even if your little ones aren’t school-aged, this... Read more
Baby Teeth- What if they erupt crooked? by Dr. Melissa Skinner
Baby teeth – what if they erupt crooked? by Dr. Melissa Skinner (Third St. Dental) ‘Baby teeth’ are essential to a healthy child’s growth and development. It allows your toddler to eat comfortably, learn to speak well and esthetically be proud of their smile. Also, ‘baby teeth’ need to... Read more
A Cleansing Experience by Colin Stephenson (Fit For Life)
A Cleansing Experience Being a Chef and personal trainer, nutrition has been coming up a lot lately. I have never tried a cleanse.  I try to eat healthy but I love my food! Last week my wife an I decided to take the plunge and try out a 7... Read more
The Importance of Naps by Leslie Black (A Kiss Goodnight)
Naps. Do you love them or hate them? We all love the break when our little ones nap, but sometimes getting them to nap is so much work it doesn’t seem worth it. However, your baby or toddler really do need those naps.  When naps are skipped, this leads... Read more
Pregnancy Gingivitis by Dr. Melissa Skinner
Pregnancy Gingivitis Hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding affect the health of our mouths as well.  A common concern I see in practice is pregnant women reporting swollen, red and tender gums that bleed when flossing or brushing. About half of moms-to-be have these symptoms – a condition known... Read more
Postpartum Depression & Hormone Imbalance by Debbie Williams (Alternative Hormone Solutions)
The story of Lisa Gibson and her two children has been weighing heavy on all of our hearts.  I am honoured to be sharing my space with Debbie Williams today of Alternative Hormone Solutions.  Debbie works with women to balance hormones using natural means and she shares with us... Read more
Fit for Life’s 3 Day Workout Plan (& a giveaway!)
Fit For Life’s 3 Day Plan I get a lot of questions about what type of exercises people should be doing, how many times a week, at what intensity and so on. Obviously, my response is “come down and join some classes!”, but I understand that not everyone can... Read more