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Handling night-time wake-ups with sick children
Handling Night-time Wake Ups with Sick Children The arrival of Fall and return to school is often a time when kids get sick.  A little cough here and a runny nose there can put fear into the hearts of many parents, especially when our children WERE sleeping through the... Read more
Making the Switch to Healthy Eating
Last week’s article included important information on the effects of additives that may be hiding in your family’s food. I realize that some of this info is pretty anxiety provoking, but there’s good news. You can provide your family with nutrient rich foods, easily and without a fuss. This... Read more
Dental Tips for Back to School
Dental Tips for Back-To-School With over 10 million school hours missed per year due to dental problems, it’s safe to say that taking steps to prevent dental problems and dental emergencies in school age children is a smart idea. Here are some back-to-school dental tips that will help ensure... Read more
The scary truth about the additives in your family’s food
Feeding children can be difficult. Time is always a factor, and kids can be picky. Grocery stores offer a slew of quick, easy to prepare, meal options for children and families. Offering these convenience foods may seem easier than preparing a balanced meal, but these cheap pre-made meals and... Read more
Training for your weight loss goals by Colin Stephenson (Fit For Life)
Training for your weight loss goals Training for weight loss can be an exhausting endeavour. There are so many variables outside of your “gym time” that come into play; nutrition, proper sleeping habits, and genetic make up are just a few of the more common ones. This weeks’ post... Read more
Saying goodbye to naps by Leslie Black (A Kiss Goodnight)
Saying Goodbye to Naps  The thought of the end of naptime is terrifying for many parents. No more peaceful house for 2 or 3 hours every afternoon. No more time alone to get things done. No more…naps. Although it seems scary, it’s not as bad as you think. The... Read more
Sarah Goodman of Nourishing Goods- North Shore Mama’s new Nutrition Expert!
I am elated to announce that we have added a Nutrition Expert to the North Shore Mama Expert Series! A very warm welcome to Sarah Goodman, of Nourishing Goods, who will be writing weekly about health from the inside out.  Please join us in welcoming her and read her... Read more
Blasting the Belly! by Colin Stephenson (Fit For Life)
Blasting the Belly! Probably the most common question I get as a personal trainer is this, “ How do I get rid of my belly?” Most people don’t like the answer because it involves a lot of work! I will break it down into three components for you today.... Read more
Back to School & Online Safety by Jesse Miller (Mediated Reality)
I am thrilled to have Jesse Miller of Mediated Reality posting on North Shore Mama.  I first met Jesse during one of his presentations to a gymnasium filled with young North Vancouver students.  Jesse has the amazing ability of engaging the kids on a topic they are very familiar... Read more
Knowing your Child’s “Sleep Window” by Leslie Black (A Kiss Goodnight)
Knowing your Child’s “Sleep Window” Often when I ask parents about their child’s sleep window, they have no idea what I’m talking about! Without knowing your child’s sleep window, it can be a real challenge to get them to sleep.  A sleep window is the time that your child... Read more