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The Joy of Sharing and Giving from Karen Woodfield
Coming out on the other end of the holiday season, I’ve been thinking of the things that I give thanks for, particularly in my job: The ability to share the wonderful story and knowledge of HypnoBirthing to Mums and Dads to help them have a very special birthing day. The... Read more
The Where and When of HypnoBirthing
Having covered the What and the Why of HypnoBirthing in previous posts, I thought it seemed logical to continue my posts with the Where and the When. Where can you use HypnoBirthing? The answer to that is simple. Anywhere, everywhere and any time.  Hospital Birth, Home Birth, Water Birth,... Read more
Why HypnoBirthing?
There are so many options for birthing these days, how on earth do you make your way through the minefield and pick one that is going to suit you and your partner? It’s not as if you are not already facing a life change, a career break, a physical... Read more
What IS HypnoBirthing exactly?
Hi! I am Karen Woodfield and I am excited to be joining the North Shore Mama Expert panel.  I am a HypnoBirthing Practitioner (Marie Mongan Method) and am pleased to have the opportunity to offer this insight into the wonderful world of childbirth, as nature intended. So – lets... Read more