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How to display photographs in your home
Last month I shared the importance of displaying family photographs in your home  and why you need to hang your family portraits on your wall. In short, children whose parents display family photographs on their walls grow up with greater confidence, sense of belonging, stronger feelings of value and... Read more
Loving the Way You Look and Feel in Your Family Photographs
Over the past few month I’ve shared why you need to be in your family photographs and the importance of displaying those photographs in your home. So let’s say you’re on board. You get it. You really need to make an effort to be in your photographs and get them... Read more
Why You Need to Display Family Photographs In Your Home
We live in a digital age, and thank goodness for that. I love being able to email out a photo of the cousins at Easter dinner and proudly share my little’s first visit from the tooth fairy on Facebook. Your family photographs, pictures of the people you love most... Read more
Are you in your photographs?
When was the last time you were in a photograph? Are you pretty good about handing over your camera or phone and being in the photograph with your littles? Or is the last time you really remember being in the photographs when you were wearing a big white dress.... Read more