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Making the Most of Your Parent Teacher Interviews!
You walk into your child’s classroom to meet with their teacher and are already feeling rushed because you had to race from work to attend this meeting.  Your thoughts are scattered but you still manage to have a brief, courteous chat with your child’s teacher.  She tells you that... Read more
Top 5 Reasons Your Child Should Know Their Math Facts
Your grade 4 child is busy studying because his teacher has asked her to memorize her multiplication tables…. Your grade 4 child has no factual recall of his multiplication tables and his teacher says it is neither required nor necessary… Which of these scenarios makes the most sense to... Read more
Math: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” “Change for Change sake.” Both are commonly used phrases…but when it comes to teaching math, we would say the first is a good rule to live by! Over the years, education philosophy and curriculum have changed – especially as technology becomes more... Read more
What makes Math different from other subjects?
Do you remember those giant building blocks your kids play (or played) with? You know the ones – the big yellow, blue and red blocks that get every child and adult attempting, for hours, to make a giant, leaning structure? We all love piling up those building blocks but... Read more
Top 3 Homework Do’s and Don’ts for Parents
We are always getting questions from parents of school-age children on the best ways to help kids with homework. Even if your child is attending a tutoring or learning centre, it’s always a great idea to reinforce what they’re learning in the home environment and show you are involved... Read more