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I first found the site North Shore Mama as a mother looking for new and interesting things to do with my kids.  I came across the calendar of events and found some fun things that my kids really enjoyed.  I contacted Jessica professionally to let her know about the great programs the agency I work for provide. Jessica added those to her calendar, which was very helpful in getting more exposure for our program.  Aside of my agency work, I also have my own sleep consultation business. I let Jessica know about my work and she mentioned that I could join her “expert series” and share my information about helping babies sleep better with her readers. I thought it was a great opportunity because I know a lot of mothers look to her site for trusted information.  After my first post, I noticed a number of new “likes” to my Facebook page.  As each week passed, the exposure I gained through North Shore Mama increased traffic to all the social media sites that I use.  I noticed the “where did you hear about my business” section of my client questionnaires was frequently coming back with Jessica’s site named.  Overall, I am so happy that I decided to work with Jessica. She has given me an incredible amount of exposure and really helped to increase my business.  Thank you Jessica! ~ Leslie Black, A Kiss Goodnight